Web Editor gets wired
(Asperity Employee Benefits, June 2009)

Working as a web editor at a small Employee benefits organisation I frequently found that I would be called upon to make usability recommendations to the internal development team. it was here that I learnt how to use Balsamiq to ensure the the development team had a firm foundation to work from.

Translating a document into simple steps for the Care Quality Commission
(Reading Room, April 2011)

The Care Quality Commission were utilising an online registration process which was seeing over 80% of their registrations being incorrectly submitted. They needed a new microsite which would simplify this process, and translate a large, dry, registration document into a series of online steps which would help to ensure a higher quality of submissions.

For the project I held a number of business and content workshops with the client and also put together a number of wireframes which detailed the various elements on each of the pages, as well as two user journeys in order to demonstrate how the tool would be used and the information restructured in order to gain a higher quality of registrations.

I utilised Mockflow in order to produce the following wireframes…