Business Requirements

eCommerce business requirements for one of Ireland’s largest booksellers
(Tangent Snowball, February 2012)

At Tangent Snowball I am now managing a £100,000 user experience project for one of Ireland’s largest booksellers. While managing this project I will also be supporting the User Experience team by taking on the role of Business Analyst. i will be holding a requirements scoping workshop as well as business discovery workshop and interviews with key stakeholders at varying levels and different departments within the organisation.

Deliverables: Stakeholder interview script, Stakeholder and requirements workshop.


Understanding complex requirements of a major Public sector organisation
(Reading Room, July 2011 to January 2012)

For this project I carried out a number of Stakeholder workshops in order to get to grips with the complex requirements of the organisation. I spoke with Stakeholders at varying levels of seniority and with a focus on different business units in order to understand how each of these elements sat together as well as any difficulties faced.

The Trust had recently merged with two smaller London trusts, so it was important to understand how this relationship would work going forward with a new website, through discussing content and wider business issues.

Objectives: deliver a value for money solution which would show a real return on investment, consolidate technology in order to allow one central point of website administration, enable ‘Service Users’ (patients) with a varying levels of competency easy access to information about services, provide referrers and medical professionals with a quick source of information for making referrals.

Delivered: Stakeholder workshops, content workshop.


Managing complex Stakeholder requirements for a major International Organisation based in Rome
(Reading Room, September 2011 to January 2012)

This organisation required two new intranet sites which would better engage geographically diverse employees in a range of disciplines. I managed a project to translate a number of complex business process documents into a workable and usable online tool which could be used by employees in the field on a daily basis in order to manage their work.

I ran a Stakeholder workshop, as well as a number of one-to-one stakeholder interviews in order to understand the organisations complex employee structure and ensure that these documents were translated in such a way as to make them easily accessible for senior members of staff as well as lower levels who would read the content in different ways.

I also had to hold one-to-one calls with content owners from different sections of the organisation in order to ensure that requirements  were considered for a range of different content types.

Objectives: offer an intranet site suitable for staff of varying levels of seniority, enable quick and easy access to content which can be used on a daily basis by staff.

Delivered: Stakholder workshops and one-to-one interviews.