Oh dear, as always seems the way with CV sites they’re always in need to constant improvement and upkeep. It seems I’ve neglected my blogging activities over here!

In truth I’ve migrated all of my blogging over to my hobby blog Antique Owl, where I mostly share a range of instagram pics of interesting places I’ve discovered selling vintage and antiques in my local area or on my travels (I’m going to share a couple of those blogs on here…

Antique Owl has now taken off so much that it has it’s own accompanying Etsy shop, and while not a full time hobby it’s nice to share interesting facts and finds with the rest of the blogosphere, while trying to earn some money to buy more interesting things in the meantime!

I may check in to blog here from time to time however it’s probably far easier for you to follow me on Twitter, which will distribute twit nuggets to you en bitesized chunks.


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