I love lamp…

So, this is where it all begins hey. My first ‘proper’ blog post in several years, and a rather sideways post at that.

This is where I take the idea of linking “stuff I want” with “stuff I already have” (also known as “stop being such a magpie and look at the beautiful stuff you already own”) posts.

On Saturday, as I wandered around the shopping centre in Milton Keynes trying to find the best deal on a new iPhone, we came across a vintage and craft fair in Middleton Hall. Now, we dont usually touch craft fairs with a barge pole, we even use the phrase “It’s a bit crafty” to define anything aesthetically displeasing in its poorly constructed or excecuted way. However, there were a few stalls with bits of kitsch 50s kitchenallia, glassware and vintage clothes so I had a quick rummage.

We were just about to leave when we came across an awesome guy selling not one, but two of these bad boys:

He had a very scratched, but working red one, and then an almost mint condition green one. It was an anglepoise. It was green. It was meant to be, surely?! He seemed reluctant to let them go which only served to deepen my desire to take at least one of them off of his hands…

For anyone who doesnt know – that particular lamp was designed by Terrence Conran for Habitat and is regarded, rightly I think, as a bit of a design icon with its wooden neck and metal shade and base, the colours are so deep too so they look really great when they’re illuminated.

I managed to tear myself away though, safe in the knowledge that I actually have two lamps at home which are my pride and joy.

This is the (modern) Anglepoise 1227. Unfortunately an old one was out of our price range, but we picked this ex-display modle from John Lewis with quite a hefty saving! There’s something ridiculously satisfying about the action of tilting the head (of the lamp) and turning on using the switch at the top.

I also have a scratched and battered old Anglepoise which I managed to snap up from eBay for about £3 which is the most barginous of my ebay finds. (Pic to follow). I have no idea what model it is, and it’s highly likely that many people would walk right on by it, but it has pride of place in my living room, and I love showing it off when people come round.


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