A blog about my wedding #1

This is the first of a few blogs about my wedding.

I got married at the beginning of August this year, which now seems like a lifetime away as we edge closer to Christmas.

You’d be amazed how much work needs to be done to organise a wedding these days, and how difficult it is to avoid cliche, cookie-cutter weddings with big dresses, cupcakes and swarovski crystals.

I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with those – some girls dream their whole life of the big day, the bigger dress and the tradition… funny how these dreams have also come to incrporate Jimmy Choos, but that’s probably for another blog.

Neither me or my husband are particularly mainstream, we are geeky, nerdy people who tend to baulk at anything when it gets too popular (Muse, Oasis, Benecassim festival) we dont have a TV and we spend a lot of time looking through dusty racks of 1950s 45s.

So it was really important that our wedding reflected who we are as people and the things we love. When we were thinking about venues and where we should get married we threw around ideas for a couple of days, before the realisation struck us, there was really only one place we could ever see ourselves getting married, at Larmer Tree Gardens on the edge of Dorset and Wiltshire. In the middle of nowhere, a beautiful Victorian pleasure garden, and home to End of the Road festival.

We first went to End of the Road in 2007, the year that Stephen graduated, and have been going back every year since, this photo – taken in that first year, should show you why…

Festival balloons

Anyway, we took this starting point and ran with it, contacting the festival organisers to help us find the perfect band to play on our ‘big day’, Sophia helped us to book the perfect band and was also so genuinely lovely that it all fed into making the day really special.

Since inception the festival has included a brilliant screen printing tent run by Bristol’s Jacknife posters and Manchester based Nick Rhodes AKA Switchopen. We commissioned Nick to design and screenprint our wedding ‘Save the Dates’ and invitations, based on his previous festival and gig posters, many of which we have collected, including this one, my personal favourite from the 2008 festival.


The finished product was amazing, personal, and most importantly us. Something completely apart from all of the ivory and lace invitations that the shops sell. The moral of the story, go off the beaten track a bit, and do it yourself, it may take more energy but it wont necessarily cost more, and you’ll get something you actually love.

Wedding invitation


View our invitations on Switchopen’s website here – since designing ours he’s been commissioned again an is apparently thinking of making it a viable career option!


The 2010 festival poster for End of the Road featured “our” (Nick’s) birdhouse. I also met one of my all time heroes Jarvis Cocker, who had been milling about perusing the posters. In between girlish giggling, I managed to recount to him that the birdhouses had first made an appearance on our wedding invites. I missed out the part where I told him I would happily call off the engagement if he’d leave his pretty redheaded girl and come with me…

Film noob

So I’m not great with films, mainly because if I see a bad one I tend to feel like I’ve wasted too much time, effort and money (cinemas are expensive, I’d rather buy records!) on something which ultimately didn’t move me at all.

I’ve been making a concerted effort though recently, with the help of Lovefilm and numerous huge bowls of microwave popcorn to watch more films for enjoyment.

The problem with English graduates is that they think too much, so I tend to spend my time analysing films rather than really watching them. I’m trying to suspend my disbelief.

The clip below though, really cannot solicit any analysis other than pure pleasure, the mental dancing, the awesome outfits and the vivid colours. I’ve loved this record since it made it into the soundtrack of the film Ghost World which I saw back when I was in uni, and I can’t count the number of times I’ve walked to work with this in my ears, wondering what on earth it all meant. Needless to say I never imagined this, and it’s going to be the next film I watch…

To satisfy my English-graduate status though, I’ve also been watching this absolutely stunning program on channel 4 called The Story of Film: An Odyssey which covers periods of cinema across the world, so many gems and such an interesting show – refreshing for current TV.

Everybody wants to go to Japan

Yesterday we bought flights for our much anticipated trip to Japan! I’m so very very excited. We will be going in April for a couple of weeks and are planning to stay in Tokyo, Nikko and Kyoto. I’d love to do more but time is tight.

We managed to get flights with Swiss Air flying from Zurich for only a little over £500 each, bargains!

I’m planning on geeking out on retail architecture in Shinjuku, like the Prada building, eating my bodyweight in tonkatsu and eel and visiting yoyogi park on a Sunday to watch the rockabilly boys, and that’s just for starters…

Does anyone have any tips on what we should do or where were should go/eat/sleep?

Until April I will definately have this stuck in my head:

I love lamp…

So, this is where it all begins hey. My first ‘proper’ blog post in several years, and a rather sideways post at that.

This is where I take the idea of linking “stuff I want” with “stuff I already have” (also known as “stop being such a magpie and look at the beautiful stuff you already own”) posts.

On Saturday, as I wandered around the shopping centre in Milton Keynes trying to find the best deal on a new iPhone, we came across a vintage and craft fair in Middleton Hall. Now, we dont usually touch craft fairs with a barge pole, we even use the phrase “It’s a bit crafty” to define anything aesthetically displeasing in its poorly constructed or excecuted way. However, there were a few stalls with bits of kitsch 50s kitchenallia, glassware and vintage clothes so I had a quick rummage.

We were just about to leave when we came across an awesome guy selling not one, but two of these bad boys:

He had a very scratched, but working red one, and then an almost mint condition green one. It was an anglepoise. It was green. It was meant to be, surely?! He seemed reluctant to let them go which only served to deepen my desire to take at least one of them off of his hands…

For anyone who doesnt know – that particular lamp was designed by Terrence Conran for Habitat and is regarded, rightly I think, as a bit of a design icon with its wooden neck and metal shade and base, the colours are so deep too so they look really great when they’re illuminated.

I managed to tear myself away though, safe in the knowledge that I actually have two lamps at home which are my pride and joy.

This is the (modern) Anglepoise 1227. Unfortunately an old one was out of our price range, but we picked this ex-display modle from John Lewis with quite a hefty saving! There’s something ridiculously satisfying about the action of tilting the head (of the lamp) and turning on using the switch at the top.

I also have a scratched and battered old Anglepoise which I managed to snap up from eBay for about £3 which is the most barginous of my ebay finds. (Pic to follow). I have no idea what model it is, and it’s highly likely that many people would walk right on by it, but it has pride of place in my living room, and I love showing it off when people come round.


First blog of my new website!

Well I never, this is my first blog post of the new website! How exciting.

In case you want to know how I put the site together it’s made using WordPress, Twitter Bootstrap and Google Fonts.

The idea about this blog is to give you a good idea of who I am and what makes me tick, these broadly fit into the following areas:

  1. Music
  2. Design, illustration, screen printing and other interesting bits and pieces
  3. Social media and technology
I’m a bit of a magpie and view the whole of the internet as a huge shopping experience really, so I’m also going to balance some of the unashamed magpie behaviour with a little bit about things I already have and why I think they’re cool.
Thanks for reading – nice to meet you – lets get started shall we?